Falcon’s Fury Construction Update #1

Falcon's Fury Update
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In case you haven’t yet heard, Busch Gardens Tampa has announced a brand new thrill ride opening in Spring 2014 – Falcon’s Fury. The ride will be a huge drop tower with a twist – riders will have their seats tilted 90 degrees when they reach the top… so they are facing the ground for the 60 mph descent!

Here’s a promotional video the park released along with their June 11th announcement:


It’s interesting to note the video says “imagine the sensation of a 335 foot drop tower,” while the official Busch Gardens site says riders will “climb nearly 300 feet”. We’ll have to see what the actual drop height ends up being, but it’s safe to assume it will be right around the 300 foot mark.

Construction Started

There’s been no time wasted since the announcement for construction to get started. In fact, the area where Falcon’s Fury will be rising from was behind walls before the official announcement was even made. Since that point, Sandstorm has been removed, and since this past weekend, cranes have appeared and begun working on the site.

While Sandstorm is definitely not returning to the Timbuktu line up, the three kiddie rides that are closed as part of the construction are currently expected to reopen once Falcon’s Fury is complete. Sandstorm was previously listed on the parks website as being closed for refurbishment, but has since been removed completely. The three other rides – Busch Flyers, Desert Runner, and Kiddie Train – are still listed as being closed through December 31, 2013. These closures are likely to spill over into 2014 as construction wraps up before Falcon’s Fury is finished.

Also part of the project is the reshaping of the area between the new ride and the southern entrance to the Timbuktu area. The games and shade structures are expected to be removed and replaced with a more open courtyard atmosphere. This makes sense, because the structures there now would hide the tower from this direction. While it hasn’t been made official, it is likely this part of construction won’t get started until after the summer season.

Google Street view of what the current structures in that area look like:

Photo Update

Below are photos taken over the last two weeks showing the start of work on the site. Interesting to note is that two cranes are already on site. There is also at least one set of high powered lights, meaning work is being done during the night time hours. Visits over the last few days have seen some work being done during park hours as well.

This is only the start of the work, with a long, exciting road ahead to the opening of Falcon’s Fury. Stay connected with BGTFans.com on facebook and twitter, and join in the discussion on our forums! We’ll keep you updated along the way with new post and photos of the construction progress.