Falcon’s Fury Construction Update #13

Falcon's Fury Update
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Our exclusive series of updates on the construction of Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa continues below!

Last week was one of the busiest in terms of visual progress, with three more tower sections being installed in just 5 days. If you haven’t already, check out the articles full of pictures and videos for the second, third, and fourth section installations.

Recent Work

On Friday, the crane that had been used to hoist the first four tower sections into place was moved away, and construction on a new larger crane commenced. You can see in the photos below the new crane was on site as of Wednesday, parked just behind the construction site along (and on) the service road that runs through the center of the park. Additional sections of the new crane were still seen in the auxiliary parking lot as of yesterday morning, along with the remaining blue tower sections that have yet to be installed.

At the construction site itself, work has continued on the queue structure on the west side, and small backhoes have been busy working on the southeast side moving dirt around for the next phase of the project.

Check out images from the last week below:

The Tower in Detail

Thanks to photographer Matt Hopkins, here are a few close-up shots showing the detail of the Falcon’s Fury tower.

View from Above

Busch Gardens Tampa released two aerial photos showing the construction site between the second and third tower section installation.

Pantopia Progress

The dumpsters outside of the Timbuktu Theater have been filled and emptied several times over as renovations continue inside. So far, no changes have been seen on the outside of the theater, with the marquees near the lobby entrance at the top of the ramp still displaying Pirates 4-D signage as of yesterday.

Elsewhere in Timbuktu, the first section of awning was removed over the Airbrush Studio area, which also looks to have been gutted behind the construction walls that were erected late last week.

Over by Timbuktu Theater, several games have been removed since walls went up around the area last week. A few of them have been relocated to other booths nearby and have since reopened. Other than that, it doesn’t look like any other major work has occurred there.

Check out the images below to see the progress being made as the Timbuktu area starts its transformation.

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