Falcon’s Fury Construction Update #4

Falcon's Fury Update
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Work on Busch Garden’s newest addition, Falcon’s Fury, has been moving along at a steady pace. As of this week, it looks as though Phase 1 of construction has been completed. The pile driver is now gone, with all the steel beams sunk into the ground in order to support the massive tower which will be constructed in the months ahead.

The shade structures that were part of the Sandstorm queue have also been removed in the last week. The construction walls have been pushed out further on the north side of the project, next to The Oasis.

I finally caught the Construction Jammers, the drumming group that has been making appearances since work on Falcon’s Fury began back in June. The group’s shows aren’t on the daily schedule, so you’ll have to be in the area at the right time to catch them. Hard beats on the drums and other equipment makes for a high energy show from these guys who are “on break” from their construction duties.

Check out all of the pictures from the last two weeks, including the first picture inside the construction walls, showing the pile driver’s position as of Monday before the final beams were finished being set into the ground.

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  • starfisher5050

    with all the budget cuts going on at BGT i hope this gets done before it gets caught up in the budget cuts and

    dont get finished