Free Beer for Pass Members

Crown Colony
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You didn’t misread the title – pass members get some free beer every day this month at Busch Gardens Tampa! This perk is available to all Platinum, 1-year and 2-year Pass Members during the month of October 2013, but it does come with a few other restrictions.

The offer is only valid at the Crown Colony Pub, the bar in the dining room on the second floor of the Crown Colony House. It’s also only valid between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily, so not during any of the Howl-O-Scream nights this month.

Pass members (age 21 or over) can show their pass and receive up to two 10 oz. pours of one of the four beers available – Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, or Yuengling. You can get two different beers or two of the same. You can also choose to get both of your free brews at the same time, or just grab one and return later for the second. And as a reminder – you can get two beers per day, so if you’re visiting multiple times this month, enjoy the free brews each visit!

The park is doing a pretty good job with marketing this new Pass Member promotion, with signs just inside the turnstiles and at the base of the Crown Colony House letting guests know that the free drinks are available. Busch Gardens has also been promoting it through their social media accounts, and through an email blast to current Pass Members.

At the bar, they’ve installed a “Pass Member Lane” on the right side for the event this month. On quiet days, it doesn’t really matter, but on busier weekend days this will help keep those who are looking to make a purchase from having to stand in a longer line of those getting their free beer.

Stopping by today to get all the details, the redemption process is painless. All you need is your pass, along with your photo identification if requested by the bartender. I decided to get one drink at a time; the first bartender carded me, the second one later in the afternoon did not. Also, the first bartender did say she would be happy to pour both my free beers into one larger glass if I wanted to get two of the same at the same time.

Remember – the bartenders at the Crown Colony Pub are not allowed to accept tips. So while it is appreciated as an offer, they won’t be able to take it. Of course, a genuine thank you for their time serving your free beer is always welcomed!

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