Falcon’s Fury Carriage Sections Have Arrived

Falcon's Fury Carriage Sections
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New on site at Busch Gardens Tampa are the seats and other sections of the carriage for Falcon’s Fury, the drop tower ride now under construction at the park.

Check out the images below of the new arrivals in the auxiliary lot, along with sections of the tower’s topper that will be raised soon. A big thanks to photographer Matt Hopkins for use of his images.

Work on the tower itself was also in full swing today with crews installing cable guides on the upper sections of the tower.

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  • Viktor Tuparov

    Great Article & Pictures! Do you think they will offer a sample ride seat like they do on all other major attractions?

    • Bill @BGTFans

      More than likely, but we’ll have to wait and see!

  • Dale Reedy

    Will there be an bigger seats for all of us bigger people?

    • Bill @BGTFans

      Specifics on the biometrics of the ride (including any height/weight restrictions) haven’t been released. We’ll keep an ear out though!

      • Tim Washam

        Height restrictions
        Min of 54″ tall and Max of 77″tall

  • Astrid

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! Great stuff!

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  • Shawn Desrosiers

    Any estimate on an actual date for it to be open? It just says Spring. Which could be anytime between late February to early May.

    • Bill @BGTFans

      Officially? No, there is nothing else but “Spring 2014″ given when the park is asked. Unofficially? Assuming everything goes to plan, the strongest rumored opening we’ve heard is around Easter weekend (April 19/20th).

  • Shawn Desrosiers

    Oh and thank you for the updates. Awesome :-)