Narrowing Down New Falcon’s Fury Opening Date

Falcon's Fury Opening Date
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Update: The park has further delayed the opening of Falcon’s Fury until later this summer. Get all the details – “Falcon’s Fury Further Delayed”

Back in mid-April, Busch Gardens Tampa announced that the opening of Falcon’s Fury, originally scheduled for May 1, 2014, would be delayed due to construction issues. Since that time, the park has been tight lipped on when the ride might finally open, or even when an announcement would come.

In the last few weeks, even many reliable sources for information on the project have been quiet, and many of the earlier rumored opening dates have already passed. As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it’s worth a look at some new information from this past week.

First, a tweet from the Florida Coaster Club on Monday rumors that the drop tower will be handed over to the Ride Operations department sometime this week for actual training of all the ride operators. In the last two weeks while testing has been going on, only a small group of individuals, including members of the park’s engineering team, have been seen on site during the day.

Recent tests captured on video (see below) seem to show two of the known issues to be corrected, and sources close to the project have been telling us that testing has been going well in the recent weeks.

Now, BGTFans has uncovered an event scheduled for Sunday, June 8th that advertises riding Falcon’s Fury for the attendees. The event’s organizers also posted on one of their social media accounts within the last week that attendees can “be among the first to ride” Falcon’s Fury.


We have confirmed directly with the park that the event is real. However, a park spokesperson said “everything is dependent on the ride being operational, and we still do not have an opening date for Falcon’s Fury” and that the event “will still go on, regardless of the ride’s status.”

At this point, the confirmed event at least has Falcon’s Fury scheduled to be open for attendees, if not to the general public. This is a good sign that a Falcon’s Fury opening date is closer to being announced.


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  • cherniausky

    What were the two known issues with Falcon’s Fury?

  • starfisher5050

    issues were that its junk and its more junk. they wasted their money on this. it will draw people for about 2 yrs and then become a non attraction to most around the world. should have spent the money on a coaster and improvements to whats there already. on my last month of my pass. good ridance