Pretzels and Pantopia

Pretzels and Pantopia
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While Falcon’s Fury may be the new headline attraction opening soon at Busch Gardens Tampa, the entire land surrounding the drop tower is also undergoing a huge retheming. Nearing completion, Pantopia is full of vibrant colors, interesting decor in all shapes and sizes, and several new culinary options. The first of those new concessions opened to the public for the very first time today!

Twisted Tails

For a few short hours this afternoon, Twisted Tails Pretzels held a soft opening to help train employees in anticipation of the official launch tomorrow. The new shop still has some theming details that need to be added, but the main attraction – the pretzels – were hot and ready to go!

Pretzel lovers will find a wide array of twisted options, including the classic hand rolled version, as well as the newest concept – the Bacon Pretzel Fury. Just like in the recent video from Busch Gardens Tampa, the braided pretzel features two thick cut pieces of bacon, which were moist and very tasty. The snack is big enough to make a meal for one, and can easily be shared by two or more – if you’re willing to share it, that is. One of our very own forum members who was visiting got the honor of enjoying the very first Bacon Pretzel Fury sold to the public!

Pretzel sandwiches, pretzel dogs (including a bratwurst), and cinnamon sugar coated ones are also available. And if you’re thirsty, there are several beers on tap, along with fountain sodas.

After a question from one of our twitter followers, I spoke with Rich Carlson, Culinary Operations Manager at Busch Gardens Tampa. While the park always strives to provide alternatives for those with allergies or aversions to certain ingredients, Carlson explained that’s not always possible with some foods. When it comes to soft pretzels, there is no way around gluten. In fact, Carlson explained that unlike some other baked goods, gluten is actually added into soft pretzels to give them their trademark texture.

For a complete menu, visit our Twisted Tails Pretzels thread on our forums!

Out from Behind the Walls

For the last few months, much of the former Timbuktu area has been hidden behind construction walls as crews made major modifications. Over the last few days, many of those areas that had been covered up are now open!

Between the new Painted Camel Bazaar shop and the recently repainted Phoenix, the three kiddie rides that were part of the area have now reopened. Two of those rides – Bush Flyers and the Kiddie Train, were removed from the area while heavy equipment and cranes were brought in to assemble Falcon’s Fury.

The fencing and pavement around rides was replaced, and the Kiddie Train even got a retheming of its own with a new track layout. New landscaping around the rides gives the area a fresh appearance as it welcomes future Falcon’s Fury riders.


While part of the Pantopia entrance itself remains behind construction walls, the stretch leading from there to the recently renamed Pantopia Grill is now open. Along this walkway are two new merchandise locations featuring Henna tattoos and caricatures. Two more of the land’s new culinary spots, Lynx Frozen Treats and Dragon Fire Grill also can be seen now. Over the walls surrounding Falcon’s Fury, the drop tower’s entrance sign can be seen quite well, and additional theming details throughout the area will be joined by even more in the days ahead.


Over in the games area, one new game opened today: Pantopia Balloons. This addition is particularly fitting, as the back story for Pantopia has the discoverer landing in the area in a hot air balloon (which is expected to be draped over the entrance to Pantopia soon). Beside the games area is a new concession area that will feature kettle corn and several self service fountain soda and frozen drink machines.

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